Apr 26, 2010

~My One And Only~

This handsome dude is my son Chris. He is my Christmas baby. He was born Christmas night. Each year I try to give him back to Santa, but alas Santa won't take him back. LOLOLOL

We have gone through tough times together and times when I thought he was gone from my life forever, but we always manage to hang in there with the good Lord's help. He has moved to Oklahoma and has been such a big help to me. He is an awesome carpenter and has built me a prim pantry among many other things. He has so many talents I never knew he had, and I think maybe he didn't know he had. His best friend is Bruno, his dog. Bruno is a Pit Bull who thinks he is a Yorkie. LOLOL He is the most lovable, sweet, and smart dog I've known, and he gets along so well with my three Yorkies. Chris and Bruno make a great team. I love ya "kid".

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