Feb 10, 2011

Miss Valentine Queen

This gal was so fun to make. She was up for adoption at Simply Primitives and has found a new home in Colorado. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr I hope she stays warm there. I just wanted to post a pic of her to show you how cute she is.

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sandy said...

Very unique....I love the big ole flower! I admire what you are doing with the Yorkies....we used to have one. Our kids are grown and gone and the pets we inherited from them when they left are also gone now as well and we are "pet free" and since we recently retired, I am not really missing having pets. Our son's family just got a Chiweenie puppy and I have "fallen" for him but I can enjoy him without all the responsibility since they just live next door. I am happy to be "Nana" to the puppy as well as the grandkids. Blessings, Sandy
(bookmarked your site)