Mar 13, 2011

I'm On A New Site

I am so happy to say that Lemon Poppy Seeds has asked me to join them and I will be listing things on the site on the 15th of each month........starting the 15th of this month. There are alot of talented prim gals there, so if you've never been, you're missing out. Here is the link....


Today has been a pretty good day. Went to church and listened to an awesome so hit home. Then hubby took me out to lunch. While at the retaurant saw a sad thing happen. A gentleman (using the term losely here) had given a waitress a hard time. Not sure of all the details but she started crying and ran to the bathroom. I felt so bad for her. I know I have been impatient with waiters/waitresses a time or two but for some reason I felt this poor young gals pain. So when we were leaving, I went up to her and told her she didn't know me but could I give her hug. She smiled and said yes. I told her it would pass and hang in there. I just felt the need to do that. So many of rush around wrapped up in our own little dramas that we forget others have bad days to. I hope if I"m ever in the need of a hug, someone comes up to me and gives me one of theirs. Sooooooooooo I am giving all my friends, readers and family members big ole hugs today ((((((((((((everyone))))))))))))).......there....did ya feel it? LOL


Now I sit here typing and I should be in my craft room creating or something. LOL I've made some attempt to get my craft room that is ever gonna happen. But I did make a dent in it. I had alllllll these magazines that have really accumulated over the years and heck I didn't know what was in half of them. So I got a bunch of notebooks and those sheet protectors..the kind you can slip stuff inside of them. I went through all the magazines and tore out only those articles, patterns I wanted and slipped them into the sheet protectors and put them in notebooks. Wow.........did I get rid of alot of magazines. And my bookshelf is somewhat organized now. So that made me feel like I have accomplished something. Now..........if only I could do that with alllll this fabric I have. I just can't get it organized like I want to. Right now I have them in clear plastic containers according to colors, but I still can't find anything. LOL Wish I could come up with a way to organize my fabric so I can see each piece I have so I don't have to root through containers. Hummmmmmm maybe it will come to me. But it's been somewhat fun cleaning and organizing the craft room.........I've found things I didn't even know I had. LOL It's been like Christmas......opening all these boxes and containers and finding all kinds of goodies. When I get the craft room all done, I will post a pic and show you my results. That is if I'm not to old and decrepped by then. LOLOL Till then...happy crafting....and remember to share a hug. Prim Blessings

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Whimsey Creations said...

Girl I've been trying to figure out how to best store cloth and wool for years - and still haven't come up with a foolproof idea. Right now my wool is in those shoe holders that you can get at Lowe's and places like that. They are wood and pretty easy to put together and I think each one has 15 cubbies. They aren't too deep so things don't get lost. But somehow I STILL can't keep it all sorted - I have to admit though wool is easier than cotton LOL It's just all the OTHER stuff that I put in containers and put into something so it will all be neat, then don't know what I have LOL Christmas every day!