May 29, 2011

Back From The Dominican Republic

I am back from my birthday trip to the Dominican Republic and I can tell you I sure would still like to be there. It was an awesome trip. The resort was to die for. I got my beach fix for sure. There was a cool swim up pool bar in the Infinity pool. Can you guess where I spent my time. LOLOL There was soooooooooo much food there. They had a great Italian restaurant and a French restaurant at the resort as well as 4 other restaurants. So you didn't go hungry. They had 3 swimming pools, live bands, fantastic Island Drinks.

For my birthday my hubby set up a romantic birthday dinner under the stars. We had a private candle lit table on the pier over the ocean, with yummy lobster. It was so cool. I think I will keep hubby. LOLOL

The staff at the resort was so awesome. They decorated my bedroom there in balloons and rose petals as well as a birthday banner on the door. And they greeted us with champayne. Awesome.

I have posted some pics below and have more to load on the computer. Will share when I get them done.

It was a great birthday trip and we will definately be going back again, real soon. Can you say........relaxing. LOL I am tan and rested.

Now it is time to get back to the real world. Nooooooooooo I sure missed my babies. Winnie, Tigger and Asha sure were glad to see us. I didn't have to board them for this son watched them and took very good care of them. Thanks Chris. Now I am going to have to spoil them like crazy to make up for being gone. LOL

Our pool is open and I have been playing the mad chemist since getting back getting all the clorine levels and PH levels back to normal. When they first uncovered the pool it was so green, looked like the Swamp Thing lived in there. Water temp is 78 so it's ready for me to take my first plunge of the summer. Ahhhhhhhhh That is where you will find me most of the summer. If I could figure out how to do laundry, cook and clean from the pool I'd never get out.

I want to take the time to wish all my family and friends a wonderful and safe Memorial Day. I hope you all have fun and relax. Till next time....

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