May 16, 2011

~~~~Happy May 16th All~~~~~

I have been lagging behind in my posts, sorry about that. Wanted to pop in and say hey and let you know what all I have been up to. First off I have two new dolls on Simply Primitives.....Libby and Sammie, if you want to take a peek. and just look for Mustard Moon Primitives. Miss Libby and Sammie were so much fun to make.


~~~~~Sorry........Sammie has been sold.~~~~~

I'm also getting ready to go to the Dominican Republic to celebrate my big "60" birthday. I am so excited. We were going to go in June but hubby had a scheduling conflict so we are going May 21stl. I plan on being on the beach the whole time, well that and eating. LOL I will be sure to post pics when I get back, that is if I come back. May decide to be a 60 year old beach bum. haaa

Speaking of birthdays........I thought this one would do me in, but ya know what, it's not bothering me at all. A few months ago, my brother was hit by a car and was in very serious condition. That kind made me think and adjust my priorities ya know. You just never know what's around the bend so you'd better enjoy the straight road while ya can. I made up my mind, no more negativity, or having negative people around me. I want to laugh, have fun and enjoy my life. No friendships with conditions, no family problems or family fights getting to me.......just peace and love. I sound like the 60's generation don't I. I'm not changing for anyone and if people don't love me for me......then seeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaa. LOL

Oh don't get me wrong, I love my friends and family, but sometimes they can be toxic. Friends who want to only be friends if you do it their way and don't love you for who you are, faults and all. I have friends whom I love very dearly and I don't talk to every day or week or month, and some I haven't seen in ages, but I know they are there, and they know I am here if they need me. That is true friend. Anyway..........Oh and speaking of friends I have a friend I met on a crafts forum and she is from Ireland.... waving hi to Ro. She is so funny and hubby and I are planning a trip to Ireland next year and Ro is keeping a pub seat warm for me. Thanks Ro. Can't wait to see Ireland as both me and hubby are Irish. Planning on having a pint or two of Guinness.

I have planted my garden and we've had tons of rain so it's doing pretty well so far. Of course the heat and humidity of Oklahoma hasn't set in yet. I planted tomatoes, cukes, green and red peppers, jalapenos and strawberries. Also planted an herb garden with basil, rosemary, sage, chives, Italian oregano, and parsley. When I'm out tending the herbs and the wind blows it smells heavenly.

My little Tigger hasn't been feeling to well lately, and he has needed me to hold him and scratch his tummy. Vet said it's just a tummy virus and he'll be fine in a day or two. They are like kids, you hate when they aren't feeling good and they can't tell you whats wrong. He is my lover and sticks to mommy like glue. Hate when he is feeling yucky. Here is a pic of him on my bed with his sister Asha..she's the one with her tongue hanging out. LOL

Well that's it for today. Hope all my friends and family are doing fantastic today and remember:

"As you slide down the banister of life.....may all the splinters be pointing in the opposite direction". Prim Blessings

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rosemary said...

Hi Cindy waving back to you form Ireland. The Queen of England is making a historical visit here this week and then we will be having your President who wants to visit his Ancestral home in County Offaly. Now they won't be visiting me as I don't thing either of them are into primitives crafts LOL RO