Jul 17, 2011

~~~~~I'm Melting, I"m Melting~~~~~~

It's a hot time in the old town tonight. LOL We have had a wicked summer so far. We've had temps as high as 112 here in Oklahoma. We will become the Oklahoma Desert before long. It was 109 today and the weatherman says it will be like this until a week from this Tuesday and possibly beyond. Can you say "Hello Alaska". LOL Worse part is we've not had any rain in weeks and weeks. My grass is crunchy when you walk on it. My flowers for the most part have gone capooey. Managing to hang onto my small garden and herbs. But I'm sure they won't last much longer.

Speaking of gardens I have my mouth set on a tomato sandwich. Yummmmm I love tomato sandwiches on fresh, soft white bread with salt and pepper and gobs of mayo. You could give ma a grocery bag full of home grown tomatoes and a salt shaker and I would be set for the day. LOLOL I have a few green tomatoes in the garden, but not ripe yet. I could make fried, green tomatoes, love those to. But am sitting in my lawn chair watering the tomato plants and living for the minute I see red on them. LOLOL

Haven't done to much crafting as my craft room is upstairs in the attic and boy does it get hot in there. I have a window unit in there and 3 fans going, but whoever built this house didn't do much in the way of insulation up there. And there is no way to add it now, unless we rip the roof off. So will have to settle for doing some stitching downstairs where I keep it like a freezer. LOLOL I am sooooooooooo waiting for fall, hope we have one. Would love to apply for a job in an ice factory. Wow, that would be awesome. Although they wouldn't have much ice to sell as my hot butt would be sitting on the bags of ice and melting them. haaaaaa

Even my Yorkies......Winnie, Tigger and Asha are pooped out from the heat. They lay in front of the fans. LOLOL And drink lots of water. I open the back door to let them out and they look at me as if to say....."no way, lady, we aren't going out there". Don't really blame them.

I have my selling blog all ready to go, now if I can just get in the craft room and whip up some prim goodies to list on it. Will let you all know as soon as I get something on it. I am missing crafting. I see on eBay where people are making fall stuff now..........pumpkins, witches, etc. I think I will make some fall goodies up, maybe I will feel cooler doing it. LOL

So until next time...........stay cool.

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