Aug 20, 2011

~~~~~Good Saturday To You All~~~~~

I hope you all are having a good weekend. It is till hot here in Oklahoma and the weatherman says another week of temps 105-106 and no rain. Ahhhhh I don't think this is ever gonna end. I am getting used to it now. I just run from air conditioning to air conditiong. LOL

Had to pull some dead plants from my garden. Yepper, they bit the dust. Didn't hardly get any tomatoes at all. Got alot of cucumbers. And so far the herbs are hanging in there. I guess this summer was a bust.

I have to share with you two doll makers that I think are absolutely wonderful. Their work is awesome. The time and detail they put into their dolls is amazing. They are truely artists. The first one sells on eBay and goes by...The Pixies is a picture of her latest doll up for auction. I love it.

Please go to eBay and take a look at all the pictures of this doll, it will amaze you and you will want her. LOLOL Isn't this doll awesome?

The second doll maker that is also a real talent is Homespun Hugs And Calico Kisses. Here is her doll she has on eBay. I just love it.

Please go to eBay and take a look at this doll. You will fall in love with it, like I did.

These doll makers truely amaze me with their talent. I sure wish I had half of their talent.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is a partial list of some of my favorite pattern designers......these gals are super great to work with and design awesome patterns. I will be adding to the list, so check back.

Homespun Heart
Soft In The Head
Country Stitches
Pineberry Lane Primitives
The Vintage Polka Dot
Mustard Seed Originals
Moonchild Primitives
Tennessee Ridge Primitives
Hill Kountry Kreations
Sweet Meadows Farm
Off The Beam

I think that's it for now. Look these gals up, and drool over their patterns.

Okay, I am off to try and organize my craft room and get ready to make some fall goodies. Maybe making fall goodies will help me to feel cool. LOLOL

Prim Blessings

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