Aug 18, 2011

~~~~~On With Better Stuff~~~~~

Okay, on to bigger and better things. I have been asked to do a big craft show in Illinois and I am thinking about it. I have done the big craft show here in Okahoma..The Affair of the Heart. It is a huge show and I did really, really well. is the I want to go through all that hard work again and set up a booth, then take it all down again. I've done it and it's hard work, very hard. And some of you gals really put alot of work into your booths, and they look awesome, I am so envious. How do you all do it? When I did my craft shows, I thought I was so organized putting crafts in plastic containers, marking them, etc., then when I get to setting up my booth......OMG.....its stuff everywhere. LOLOL

So I am going to think about it. And jot down some ideas for setting up a booth and see how I feel. Part of me wants to do it, and part of me doesn't. We'll see which part wins out. LOLOL


And in my previous blog post I mentioned about my hubby's last mission trip to Guatemala, well it was awesome. He went on a medical mission and they were seeing patients and some were building a clinic. Those poor people there didn't have running water or anything. So our church raised funds to get them all they needed to hook up water for the clinic. And while some of our church members helped with that, my hubby and some other docs went up into the mountains to see patients. Do you know that some of these patients walked days to be seen. My hubby said they were so apprecative of even a bandaid. Makes me feel like a baby when I whine about waiting so long in a Dr's office.......and here these people walked days to be seen. My husband cried like a baby when he got home and was telling me about it. He said he went there to serve and take care of them, but they ended up giving him far more than he gave them.

He said they were all invited to one of the Guatemalans home for dinner one evening. He said when they got there the family had moved all of their furniture out onto the road so they could set up makeshift tables to seat everyone. Hubby said they had such pride on their faces and welcomed them all with open arms. On the last day hubby and his team were there, they had communion......and hubby said he went up to take communion and looked out at the all the Guatemalan people sitting down. He asked his interpreter why they weren't taking communion also. The interpreter said they didn't have enough wine and bread for everyone to take communion and the Guatemalans wanted them to take their place and have it. Now is that awesome or what? Made me cry when hubby told me that. We all take our lives for granted sometimes, me included, and yet there are people all over the world that have so very little, yet they have so much more than us spiritually.

On the day they were leaving to come back to the States an elderly Guatemalan woman came up to my hubby and handed him something wrapped in a tissue......hubby opened it and it was a beautiful beaded and jade necklace she had made herself and she wanted him to have it and give it to me. I will cherish that necklace forever, and wear it church often to remind me of all the blessings I have.


Anyone, from San Diego...hubby has a medical meeting out there in October and I have never been and was wondering if there are any prims there? It's hard to find prims in certain states, I know, I've looked. Now if you go up to the New England states you prim lovers will think you've died and gone to heaven. LOLOL So many prim shops.

A friend and I went up to Searsport, Maine a few years back to take a rug hooking class at Searsport Rug Hooking and OMG she took me to so many prim places along the way. Living in don't see many prims. LOLOL Lots of cowboy stuff, but no prims. We had her car filled to the roof with our prim goodies. Ah, that was a great time.

Okay, off I go. I will be posting more of my goodies up for sale soon. Been in the studio trying to work, but as the last days of summer and this heat run down, I am not into crafting, but just trying to stay cool. LOL

Until next time........God Bless

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