Aug 18, 2011

~~~~~~Takes All Kinds~~~~~~


Oh my gosh, you guys have got to hear this. Some of you will get a great laugh, and the others (you know who you are) will be ticked off. LOLOL Okay here goes............

About a week ago I decided to go through my more than 400 patterns that I have bought over the years because I did not make them, or want them anymore. I also was trying to raise money for our church's upcoming mission trips. Those who know me, know my hubby and I go on Mission Trips with our church. Hubby's last trip was to Guatemala....up in the mountains......oh that's another story. Anyway......I only had one of each pattern I was selling, they were not copies. Once they sold, that was it, there were no more of that pattern. Well I got permission from several of the pattern designers to sell the pattern, they were so nice about it. But........OMG......then came the designer from hell. LOLOL She emailed me and said I couldn't sell her pattern. Okay, fine. But she didn't ask me to remove it from eBay or report me to eBay as she said she could. She said she could understand me selling it if it was the original (it was) and I only had one (I did). I said fine, no problem. I have the emails from her to prove this is what she said. Well.....then her psycho "best friend" whom I guess has not a thing to do begins to email me with nasty, nasty emails on her friend the pattern designers behalf. She called me all kinds of names, threatened to watch me and my sales, contacted other pattern designers (the ones I got permission from) and tell them I was selling "mass patterns". I have never, ever, sold a pattern up till last week. My eBay feedback, which you can look up, clearly shows that. if the nasty emails from Samantha Heinrich Anderson weren't enough.....she proceeds to bid on my auctions sending the prices sky high, with no intention of paying. Running up the price so no one else would bid and then retracting the bid at the last minute so they wouldn't sell. And then people were saying I was selling this pattern so high. I am not as dumb as she thinks I am and I blocked her from bidding, and then cancelled her bids. I didn't care if I made $2.00 from each pattern, it was going to the church, not me. I don't craft as a business, I do it for fun. Then when I blocked dear, dear Samantha, she went into ebay under another name and bid again. Only this're gonna love this........she used the name "nevergonnacatchmehahaha". OMG how obvious. I have reported her to eBay as well. Now I think this gal Samantha is a psycho and should be put on meds. Just my opinion. When I contact the designer of the pattern in question......which by the way is....VEENAS MERCANTILE..aka: Kim Kohler, and told her what her friend was doing, she stated to me "I am proud that my friends stick up for me". Wow, now that is such an honest and classy person, is it not? So I guess she condons doing something like bogus bidding. Not someone I'd want to do business with.

The pattern designer is Kim Kohler from VEENAS MERCANTILE....and from the emails I have gotten from other people who have had dealings with her, she is quite the gal. LOL She is so concerned with me selling her pattern but she is the same pattern designer who sold her patterns to Bethany Lowe who inturn sends it to China to have them make it. And after all us smucks bought her patterns they are now making her dolls from her patterns in China at a cheap price and listing them on eBay. All of us doll crafters know if its Made in China we can't compete with the price. So basically those of us who bought her patterns, got screwed. All Kim Kohler had to do was ask me nicely to remove her pattern, and I would have gladly done it, no problem at all. But she didn't. I guess she is just insecure in her business to feel threatened by little old me selling a pattern. LOLOLOL She and her friends have taken to Facebook to slam me with lies but I wouldn't expect anything less from them. She and Samantha may have bullied and intimidated other people, but that doesn't work on me.

Lies have even been spread that I have re-sold alot of patterns. Not true. This past week was the first time I ever listed patterns and they were the ones I bought.......not copies and I have never, ever re-sold a pattern that I had already sold. Anyone with half a brain can go to eBay and check my seller feedback to see what I have and have not sold.

There are a group of us doll makers on Yahoo and I have shared ALL the emails I have received with them, and they are as appalled as I am. So we have started to compile a list of doll pattern designers who WE WILL NOT BUY PATTERNS FROM. Here are two that I will never buy from nor make anything from their patterns I have now:

Veenas Mercantile----Kim Kohler
Old Road Primitives

The other gals in my group are working on more names to add to this list andI will post them when I get them and have a minute.

And here are the sweetheart pattern designers whom I emailed and they gave me permission. Thanks goes out to them. When their patterns sell, I won't sell anymore out of consideration for them:

Homespun From The Heart---Sharon
Moonchilds Primitives---Donna
Country Stitches Online---Brenda

I can highly recommend those gals as I have bought alot of their patterns and made them and they are the best.

This whole mess could have been avoided when something as simple as a "would you please remove my pattern, I don't want you to sell it" would have sufficed. But noooooooooo we have a pattern maker that is so full of herself she thinks she is the second coming. LOLOLOL

And believe me I do understand how very hard some of the pattern designers work to put out their patterns and when people "mass sell" copies and copies of their patterns, I'd be ticked to. And I take full responsibility for not asking Kim Kohler first before I listed her pattern. She had her chance to ask me to remove it after she contacted me, but she didn't. I had one original pattern and no more.......I somehow don't think that would put any pattern designer out of business. I know some of you won't agree with me and that is fine. This country is great because no two people agree at one time. And I also know that most of us have bought patterns on eBay from those other than the designers, you can admit it, I won't tell. LOLOLOL

So I will say to Kim from Veenas Mercantile...and to her best bud Samantha.......GET OVER YOURSELVES" You two aren't as important as you think you are.

I am sure I will get nasty posts to this, as some of Kim's friends have already posted nasty things on this blog......but that's no problem, they are easy to delete.

So what I am going to do with any of the VEENAS MERCANTILE AND OLD ROAD PRIMITIVES patterns that I have left is offer them for free along with other patterns I am selling. Yeppers.......FREE....I'll give the suckers away, I don't care. I will post on here when I list them, or you can search for me under Mustard*moon*primitives on eBay. I have one up for auction now.


OMG.........I just received a copy of what Kim Kohler and her friends have posted about me on her Facebook page.......OMG......what lies and ugly, vicious, things they said about me. All of it, lies. I have the cold, hard copy of all they said and I don't understand how a so called "artist" could be like that. She is so mean and ugly. All because I sold her pattern......once. I have more class in my little finger than Kim Kohler will ever have. There is a comment from her about how she laughed and laughed when her friend Samantha drove up the price of my auction and wasn't going to pay. Now I ask that classy or what. No wonder she has to sell her designs to someone who makes them in China. I am passing out the Facebook comments from them all to all my doll making friends and doll designers so they can see that none of what they said I did, was true. I guess Kim Kohler is just insecure in her personal and professional life that she has to try and slander other people to make herself look good. How Sad. And she is gonna sue me for Defamation.....I don't think so. Not with what I read.

P.S. Just as I suspected, there were nasty posts from frick and frack, who are friends of Kim Kohler's. I didn't see that coming. I am going to put a hold on the comment section of this post, only because I am over this situation and won't comment any further. I am not in 6th grade and am not going to play their childish games.

P.P.S. Now I am getting nasty emails from Veenas Mercantile threatening me with a defamation suit. How can it be defimation if its all true and you can back up what you have said with emails. LOLOL Such juveniles.

Prim Blessings

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Old Road Primitives said...

Frankly, I'm more then "Happy" to be on your "Do Not Buy" list! Kim K. and I do not appreciate you re-selling our patterns on eBay! Kim D. (Old Road Primitives)